Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Question: How often do I need to pump my septic tank?

Answer: It depends on your usage.  Generally, you should pump out and clean your septic tank every 3-5 years.  If you use a garbage disposal, you should pump out and clean your septic tank every 1-3 years.  At time of pumping, the licensed tank pumper should inspect the pump tank (if you have one) for need of pumping.  We keep detailed computer records and can contact you on a scheduled basis to pump your tank.

2) Question: When should my effluent filter be cleaned?

Answer: We recommend you clean your filter at least once a year or as needed.  Most filters on the market are very easy to remove and hose off (clean).  If you find yourself or call us to clean your effluent filter more frequently than once per year, you may be advised to change to a different type of filter for your needs.

3) Question: When should I have my septic system inspected?

Answer: If you have a gravity septic system, it needs to be inspected once every three years.  If you have any septic system other than gravity, it needs to be inspected every year to detect problems that may be occurring and correct them before they become major (expensive) problems.  A certified health department septic system status report will be filed upon completion of inspection.

4) Question: Do I need to add anything to my septic tank?

Answer: No, don't add anything.  If you add additives you may cause other problems with your system.  While many products on the market claim to help septic systems work better or lessen the frequency of pumping it has been found that most engineers & health professionals believe (through testing) that additives are at best useless and at worst may cause harm to the system.

5) Question: Which toilet paper should I use?

Answer: Well, there are many great brands of toilet paper out there on the market.  You want to find one that stays in one piece and not break down into small pieces.  Small pieces stay in suspension and can migrate out of the septic tank to your pump tank or drain field.  A good test for you toilet paper is to add about 4 sheets into a jar of water and shake.  If the toilet paper stays in one piece, it is OK.  If it deteriorates into small pieces, it is recommended to change toilet paper.

6) Question: My septic alarm is going off, what do I do?

Answer: Call us immediately.  You can switch your control panel to "silence" only.  You should have a water "reserve" amount in your system.  This reserve in your pump tank will allow you to use the toilets, etc. VERY SPARINGLY until we can come out and assess your alarm condition.

7) Question: What laundry soap should I use?  What about adding chlorine bleach?

Answer: We strongly recommend using septic safe LIQUID detergents.  Powder detergents can cause clogging or restrict the flow in pipes to the septic tank.  A lot of powder detergents re-formulate back into a solid form after using and adhere to PVC & ABS piping.  This condition leads to expensive line cleaning or repairs.  If you insist on using bleach we recommend you use half of the recommended manufacturer's recommendation.  An alternative to chlorine bleach is peroxide bleach which is non-chlorine.


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