Soil Textural Classification:

Soil Type 1A: Very gravelly, coarse sands or coarser extremely gravelly soils


Soil Type 1B: Very gravelly medium sands, very gravelly fine sands, very gravelly very fine sands, very gravelly loamy sands


Soil Type 2A: Coarse sands (includes ASTM C-33 Sand)


Soil Type 2B: Medium sands


Soil Type 3: Fine sands, loamy coarse sands, loamy medium sands


Soil Type 4: Very fine sands, loamy fine sands, loamy very fine sands, sandy loams, loams.


Soil Type 5: Silt loams that are porous and have well developed structure


Soil Type 6: Other silt loams, sandy clay loams, clay loams, silty clay loams